How to Enrich Your Center's Curriculum and Give Staff a Break! 

January 27th, 2022


Eastern Time

2:00PM - 3:00PM


Join us on Thursday, January 27th, at 2 PM ET as we welcome Megan Bowling, Vice President from Stretch-n-Grow! Megan will be taking us through the three most common problems that directors of childcare centers are facing today, and how a high quality enrichment program can help. Megan will discuss how using an enrichment program can support staff retention, increase fundraising and support a center's budget, all while attracting new families to your center. With extensive knowledge and experience, Megan will provide us with the impacts and benefits of implementing an enrichment program at your center and how you can take the first steps to do so. This is not a webinar to miss!

Meet our special guest

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Megan Bowling

Vice President


In this session we will talk about...

How to implement a high quality enrichment program into your center and the benefits of making this change. 

How an enrichment program can support children's development while supporting your staff retention!

How to fundraise and attract new families with an enrichment program!

Loose Parts: The Play Framework You Need to Know

 Learn the loose parts framework and how to make an intentional environment!

Learn about the importance of play and how to support children as they interact.

How Play Can Support Challenging Behaviours

The 4 Benefits of Incorporating an Enrichment Program at Your Center

Learn about the impacts of incorporating an enrichment program in your center!

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You could say Megan has been involved with early childhood education before she was even born. Her parents, Bob and Jill Manly founded Stretch-n-Grow when Jill was pregnant with her in 1992. Jill recognized the lack of structured physical education for preschoolers and pioneered the preschool physical education industry. Twenty-eight years later Megan and her sister Amanda run Stretch-n-Grow International and Megan also runs her own Stretch-n-Grow franchise in St. Petersburg, FL. Megan is passionate about helping childcare centers recognize enrichment programs as a valuable resource. When she is not assisting affiliates around the world, she is working with childcare directors in her area and managing her team of coaches. 

For: Childcare Directors, Owners, and Educators