How music can support social-emotional learning and language skills

September 29th, 2022


Eastern Time

2:00PM - 3:00PM


Join us on Thursday, September 29th at 2 PM ET as we welcome Pam Gittleman, educator and creator of For Kinder Times! Pam is joining us to discuss the importance of social-emotional learning in early childhood education, and how music plays a critical role in supporting this development. Pam will share tried and true strategies that she has seen be effective in early years classrooms, for how we can use music and stories in our classrooms to guide social-emotional development. We will also explore guiding questions we can ask children, while we engage with music, to support language skill development. This is not a webinar to miss! 

Meet our special guests

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Pam Gittlman
Educator & Creator
For Kinder Times

In this session we will talk about...

What is social-emotional learning and why is it so important in early childhood education? 

How music can be used to support social-emotional learning.

How music can be used to support language acquisition 

How music can be used to engage families in social-emotional learning and language skill development

5 ways to boost social-emotional learning at your center

Learn 5 actionable strategies you can use to promote social-emotional learning!

Learn 4 music strategies you can use in your classrooms to boost school readiness!

Four music strategies to boost school readiness

Building foundational social-emotional skills in early childhood

Learn how to lay the foundation for a strong social-emotional development

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Pam Gittleman is the creator of For Kinder Times, a brand that is helping to raise kind kids, one rhyme at a time. Pam knows that young children love to listen to music, make music, and move their bodies to music, but she also knows that doing so plays an essential role in their development. A long-time early childhood music educator and curriculum developer, the 2021 Harvard Advanced Leadership Initiative (ALI) Senior Fellow has encouraged thousands of young children to make music together using songs that range from traditional nursery rhymes to contemporary classics. During her time at Harvard, she was inspired to create an updated collection of nursery rhymes that relate more closely to the lives and values of today’s families – and impart lasting lessons for a kinder, more connected world.

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