Handling tantrums with confidence using the 4 C's framework

February 9th, 2023


Eastern Time

2:00PM - 3:00PM


Join us on Thursday, February 9th, at 2 PM ET as we welcome Diane Goyette, founder and owner of Early Childhood Specialties LLC! Diane is joining us to discuss effective strategies for handling tantrums and meltdowns in the early childhood classroom. We will learn a structure of emotional support that will transform your behavior management. The 4 C's framework will help you boost adults' emotional intelligence, enabling everyone to work with children and adults more compassionately, confidently and competently.  When teachers use the 4 C's in the classroom, they will help improve children's' behavior, contribute to their resiliency, build their self-regulation skills, support their social-emotional development and much more! 

Meet our special guests

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Diane Goyette

Owner & Founder

Early Childhood

Specialties LLC

In this session we will talk about...

What is the 4 C's framework and how to use it in the classroom

How to handle and support children through meltdowns

Practical strategies that you can start implementing in your classroom immediately!

Validating children's emotions in the early years

Learn about the importance of validating children's emotions in the classroom

Learn about reflective practices and how they stoke curiosity and deepen relationships

How reflective practices stoke curiosity and deepen relationships

Strategies for enhancing emotional regulation in young children

Learn how you can support emotional regulation with young children!

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Diane T. Goyette, M.A., is a Child Development Specialist, a Child Care Health Consultant, and a Master Level Trainer with over 30 years of experience in early childhood education. As owner of Early Childhood Specialties (ECS), she provides professional development for the adults who care for, educate and support young children. Through ECS, Diane is on a mission to support adults who work with young children so that they and the children can thrive.  Everything she offers at ECS is designed to boost emotional intelligence and social skills of both adults and children.  Diane envisions a world where supported adults cherish and nurture each and every child! 

For: Childcare Directors, Owners, and Educators

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