How to Master Classroom Observations

October 21st, 2021


Eastern Time

2:00PM - 3:00PM


For: Childcare directors, owners, and educators

Join us on Thursday, October 21st, at 2 PM ET as we welcome Jenny Leibham, Founder of Nature Play Lifestyle. Jenny is going to be diving into the key role of observations in building connections between children, educators and curriculum, and how they reflect our teaching practices. Jenny will also share techniques on how to slow the classroom down and capture learning in action. Don't miss out on this webinar and sign up today!

Meet our special guest

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Jenny have been exploring nature her whole life. She is a born naturalist with a true passion for connecting children to nature and supporting their development. Her journey as an educator has led her to amazing people, inspiring places, and a deepening sense of self throughout it all. She has been a nature based educator for 10 plus years, working with children and families in supporting a nature connection. She also provides professional development to other nature-based teachers. She has a special love of play and spontaneity in teaching, as well as a personal joy of jumping in puddles! Her goal as an educator is to listen deeply to children, inspire connection to nature and help guide them through hands on learning. 

Jenny Leibham  
Nature Play Lifestyle

In this session we will talk about...

Explore how observations builds connections between caregivers, our curriculum, and our teaching practice.

Develop habits to slow down in the classroom to capture the learning in action 

Tools to reflect on unique ways of observing 

What observing can look like

Assessments & Observations: Using Pearson

Learn more about ways to set children up for success through Pearson in HiMama.

Dive into ways to support building a child's independence at home and in the classroom.

Building Independence at Home. 

Teaching Resilient Children 

Learn ways to help children build resilience and how we can do this in the classroom. 

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