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As of March 2023 HiMama Helps will be on hiatus so that we can focus on improving and revamping the quality of our webinars. Our goal is to provide webinars that will uplift, inspire and support early childhood educators in the essential work that they do, and it’s our respect and appreciation for the field that’s driving us to step back and rethink how we can provide our wonderful community with the most impactful tools and the most valuable information. We want to thank the community of early childhood professionals who have joined us for our past 140+ webinars. You are all extremely important to us and we look forward to being back with you soon with our new and improved HiMama Helps Webinars!

If you have never joined us for a 
HiMama Helps Webinar before, they’re designed with early childhood educators in mind. We discuss the most important topics in early childhood education with industry experts. From supporting challenging behaviors, to managing burnout, tune in to gain practical strategies for the classroom and new techniques to help you and your staff/colleagues thrive.

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What our HiMama Helps Webinars have to offer:

Best practices for Early Childhood Educators

Useful strategies for your business

An engaged community of hundreds of dedicated educators from around the world!

Certificates and prizes!

How to transition your center to digital communication

Learn how to transition your center from pen and paper to digital communication.

Learn about aggression in young children and how it is part of normal development.

What to to when you feel like hitting: addressing aggression

Addressing staff burnout at your childcare center!

Learn about the biggest factors that are impacting staff burnout today.

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Catch up on past webinars!

In case you missed them, you can watch the recording and access show notes from previous sessions here. 

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