Unlearning biases about ADHD in early childhood education 

December 8th, 2022


Eastern Time

2:00PM - 3:00PM


Join us on Thursday, December 8th, at 2 PM ET as we welcome Monica Maddison, director of specialized education and founder of Bloom Behaviour! Monica is joining us to discuss a foundational understanding of ADHD executive functioning and its impact on early childhood classrooms. We will explore the stigma behind ADHD diagnosis, how it fits under the "neurodiversity umbrella" as well as how children with ADHD may interact differently with their environment. We will dive into self-regulation, impulsivity and the implications ADHD has for learning. This is not a webinar to miss! 

Meet our special guests

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Monica Maddison


Bloom Behaviour

In this session we will talk about...

How neurodiversity is an expected, and natural variation in human brains.
How our perspective and understanding of ADHD has shifted radically from the 80s/early 90s - although many of today's educators were misinformed or lived through these biases themselves

How we now need to "unlearn" some of our beliefs about ADHD

Creating an inclusive learning environment at your center

Learn how to create a center that welcomes all children

Learn about the importance of early intervention

Early intervention and detection of autism

Supporting children and families with ADHD 

Learn how you can support children and families with ADHD 

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Monica Maddison is a Director of Specialized Education and Inclusion, former college instructor, and a professional speaker. She brings her twelve years of experience and extensive education background to educate educators on best practices for supporting and caring for neurodiverse learners. When she isn’t advocating for her students in the classroom , providing one-to-one therapy for home based clients, or public speaking across Canada, she’s a mother to three children herself. Monica uses attainable explanations with actionable strategies within each session to guide educators through self reflection and greater understanding of all children. Her company, Bloom Behaviour, is creating a movement of inclusion driven practices for intentional educators.. because as we already know; we’re better when we’re together.

For: Childcare Directors, Owners, and Educators

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