Creating a Hands-On Learning Curriculum at Your Center

September 30th, 2021


Eastern Time

2:00PM - 3:00PM


For: Childcare directors, owners, and educators

Join us on Thursday, September 30th, at 2 PM ET as we welcome Kennen Hutchison, Founder of Science with Kennen. Kennen will be diving into ways you can create and inspire hands-on learning in the classroom with science. He will cover why it's important to have hands-on learning experiences and share great tips on creating an engaging experience for the children in your classroom. Sign up today!

Meet our special guest

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Kennen Hutchison is an internationally recognized scientist, educator, and entrepreneur. Classically trained as a microbiologist, he has transitioned his knowledge of science and communication to the classroom. He teaches the wonders of science and helps other educators enhance their science curriculum. When not actively doing research or teaching classrooms, Kennen can be found online working as a science communicator through a variety of outlets including MTV News, The King of Random, and his own company Science with Kennen

Kennen Hutchison
Science with Kennen

In this session we will talk about...

Why hands-on projects are important 

Learn how hands-on projects enhance learning

Tips on how to building engaging projects

Ways to go beyond the textbook 

How Play Can Support Challenging Behaviors.

Learn ways to support children with their behavior as they interact with peers. 

Dive in deeper with practical tips on how to prevent aggression and manage emotions.

What to Do When You Feel Like Hitting: Ways to Address Aggression.

The Science of Playful Learning

Understand ways educators can support children in becoming confident, compassionate, and content. 

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