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Download our complementary Family Handbook (Microsoft Word file) and start building your center's policies today! 

Our comprehensive template allows you to customize all center policies and ensure parents and family members receive the most important information about their child's involvement at your center.  

Sample Policies in this Handbook:

Child Pick-Up Authorization

Medication on Premises

Attendance: Late Arrivals, Vacations and Absences

"The parents in my program LOVE this app. The staff and myself have adjusted nicely to navigating it. I love that my staff can input their lessons and attach them with a photo of the actual lesson. It also reduces the amount of printing and copying we do to maintain our old lessons. Kalia Schools loves HiMama!!"

- Lindsay Franklin
Executive Director, Kalia Schools

"This is by far the greatest app ever invented! I only wish they had it when my daughter first started daycare, it would have saved A LOT of time spent worrying about her and wondering how she was doing. Also, being able to see exactly what and how much she ate and how long she napped is a bonus!"

- Rockstar Parent
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