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Digital daily sheets with meals, naps, activities, etc.

Real-time photo sharing and messaging

Classroom attendance & ratios

Development observations with skills

Digital billing, payments, tuition and enrolment

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I think the best thing for my staff is the time saving, the time saving is BIG. The fact it builds up a child’s portfolio is amazing. They are not having to cut & print images, glue them onto paper, we just have to pop them into HiMama!

Instead of having a basic conversation with the parents at the end of the day, saying a quick ‘they had a good day’ they can now see all this deep and meaningful learning that is happening throughout the day.

With the insight that HiMama provides, parents can ask deeper questions. They can also start to make their own perceptions of how their child is doing for 8-9 hours a day, and how they are developing.

Linda Wilcoxen



Amanda Shroyer

Tashelle Joseph


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